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Merging microenvironments Stem cells & Cancer


Research Background

Epithelia constitute the surfaces and lining of our bodies and provide a protective envelope against external environment but also regulate water, nutrient absorption and glandular secretions.
Although epithelia can be multilayered (stratified) or single-layered (simple) they both need to constantly replace damaged or dead cells during the life. Adult stem cells are responsible for this process of tissue homeostasis critical for the maintenance of the tissue. At certain location of the body, transition zone lies between two types of epithelium. These transition zones are found in the eye, oesophagus, stomach, ovary, cervix and anus. In human, these junctions are highly susceptible to tumor formation and the interest of my laboratory is to identify the underlying molecular and cellular basis for this tumor susceptibility. We are investigating the intrinsic properties of these transitional epithelial cells and their interactions with the neighboring cells. We hypothesize that cells within this region are intrinsically more prone to transformation or alternatively, that the environment is permissive for transformed cells.



Charafe-Jauffret E., Ginestier C.
Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator

Géraldine Guasch, Ph.D, HDR

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Permanent Research Engineer

Permanent Research Engineer

Véronique Chevrier, Ph.D

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PhD Student Human Pathology / Oncology

PhD Student Human Pathology / Oncology

Louciné Mitoyan

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MD intern in digestive surgery

MD intern in digestive surgery

Julien Bonnet

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Lab’s life

Professor Michael Rendl working on hair follicle development from Mount Sinai New York has visited us in May 2019

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A la rencontre du monde des chirurgiens, personnel médical, patients pour discuter de la politique de santé et des perspectives dans le dépistage du cancer colorectal – Débats publics de l’Institut Paoli Calmettes

Latest news

Geraldine Guasch is scheduled for a talk at the Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization Gordon Research Conference

July 7-12th, 2019

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Le cancer colorectal : Quelle autonomie de choix pour les patients? Institut Paoli-Calmettes – Marseille

November, 23rd 2018

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Short talk at the regenerative medicine – Organoids and model species – symposium

October, 8th 2018

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Interested to collaborate with a French laboratory and obtain an international experience? The call for applications for the Chateaubriand Fellowship is open every year from October to January.

October, 2018

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Presenting organoids/tumoroids innovation in drug screening at ChemBioScreen GDR meeting @CanceropolePACA #drugscreening #Hub-O…

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Research projects

Epithelial tissues are maintained through life by stem cells.
We have recently identified an unrecognized stem cell niche at the junction area between two epithelium, called transition zone frequently associated with cancer with poor prognosis. Our group studies the role of these cells in transition zones in cellular homeostasis and tumorigenesis.

Cancer Stem Cells Transition Zone

Characterization of the molecular mechanisms involved in the metastatic properties of cancer stem cells of the transition zone.

Cancer Stem Cells Regulation in transition zone by their niche.

Define the pre-tumoral niche of transition zones susceptible to develop metastatic carcinoma. In vitro and in vivo study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction between fibroblasts and cancer stem cells at the transition zone. Define the properties of transition zone fibroblasts in human cancer.

Transition zone Cancers biobank

Collaboration with pathologists at the Paoli Calmettes Institute and at the Hopital Nord HP-HM to establish a unique collection of transition zone tumors (cervix, anorectal, esophagus-stomach)

Development and Transition Zone

Define the origin of transition zone and the role of stem cells in tissue homeostasis



Institut Fresnel

FSSCR: Member of the Société Française de Recherche sur les Cellules Souches

Former member of the International Society for Stem Cell Research

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Developmental Biology Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Former Research Associate at The Rockefeller University, New York

City University of Hong Kong

Technology Platforms


Most relevant publications to the current projects
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Highlighted by: Wakefield LM et al., Cancer Cell. 2007, 12: 313-327.

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Additional recent publications of importance to the field
McCauley, HA. and Guasch G

Three Cheers For The Goblet Cell: Maintaining Homeostasis In Mucosal Epithelia. Trends In Molecular Medicine, 2015 Jul 3. pii: S1471-4914(15)00120-3. Revue. Cover

McCauley HA, Liu C-Y, Attia A, Wikenheiser-Brokamp KA, Zhang Y, Whitsett JA, and Guasch G.

TGFβ signaling inhibits goblet cell differentiation via SPDEF in the conjunctival epithelium. Development. 2014 141:4628-4639.

Gupta A., Bischoff A., Peňa A., Runck L.A., Guasch G

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Runck LA, Method A, Bischoff A, Levitt M, Peña A, Collins M, Gupta A, Shanmukhappa S, Wells J.M, Guasch G.

Defining the molecular pathologies in cloaca malformation: similarities between mouse and human. Dis Model Mech. 2014, 7(4):483-93.


Dr Géraldine GUASCH to give a presentation on “Animal Models” at the next SUNRiSE (Solid Tumor Cancer Stem Cell) network training session.

June, 2018

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Louciné Mitoyan representing the lab and CRCM at the 3rd edition of the Aldelih congress. Thank you Dr Cédric Blanpain for your support!

March, 2018

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SFC (Société Française du Cancer) training

Stem cells in solid tumors : from biology to therapeutics

November, 2017

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New publication

Isolation and Separation of Epithelial CD34+ Cancer Stem Cells from Tgfbr2-deficient Squamous Cell Carcinoma

September, 2017

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External Seminar at the Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille (IBDM) :

Transitional zones: merging microenvironments, stem cells and cancer Invitation : A. Le Bivic

April 7th, 2017

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New Chapter Book:

Biology and Engineering of Stem Cells Niches. 1st edition

April, 2017

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New Publication by our lab :

A new mechanism connects the loss of TGFβ signaling with invasion and metastasis in highly malignant transition zone tumors.

February, 2017

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Invited Talk at the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Department of Cell Biology, Rotterdam

October, 2016

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Invited Talk at the City University of Hong Kong in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Hong Kong

August, 2016

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Gordon Research Conference “Tissue Niches & Resident Stem Cells in Adult Epithelia”

August, 2016

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9th grader student Maud Willermoz participated in our research as part of the orientation program promoted by the Ministry of National Education.

December, 2017

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